Passion Piece Feature

Passion Piece Feature

Passion Piece Feature 
Feature #5
Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty

Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty

Hi friends!

Time for another Passion Piece Feature! I’m so happy to share that this month’s feature is none other than actress, photographer, businesswoman extraordinaire, and last but not least MY FREAKING BEST FRIEND, Miss Kailey Edwards!!! Here’s a bit about Kailey in a more ~formal~ fashion

“Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kailey is an avid lover of classic literature, her two black Labradors, and strawberry ice cream. Simply put, she loves to make people laugh, whether it’s in a crazy role onstage or just chilling in the dressing room and strives to bring an atmosphere of joy in whatever room she walks into. Kailey is also a major supporter of inclusive arts and believes that artistry comes in all abilities.”

I’ve written about how the month of November just fills me with gratitude, and it’s not only an honor to write a piece featuring my best friend, but I wanted to take a moment to give her the recognition she so deserves as a small part of my gratitude for her. Kailey and I met our freshman year of college and just stuck together like glue. We have survived living together, working together (in various locations and positions, I might add), her living abroad for three months, and a freaking global pandemic so I think it’s safe to say our friendship can withstand just about anything at this point! We literally talk on the phone just about every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Simply put, at this point, she is family.

Passion Piece Feature 
Feature #5
Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty
Kailey and I playing villain & sidekick (me looking less than thrilled)

To say that I am a proud friend is quite the understatement. Her natural talents on and off the stage never cease to amaze me. For as long as I’ve known Kailey, she has always loved taking pictures. Anywhere we would go, I could always count on her taking bomb photos of me, the location, and posing for cute pics herself. She loved taking photos so much that once the pandemic hit and everyone was back at home figuring out post-grad life, she started her own photography business, Kailey Edwards Photography! What started as a sweet little side hustle has turned into quite the amazing small business, and sis is booked like…all the time! And rightfully so, her photos are simply stunning! I have watched this girl build this business from the ground up out of one of her passions, and it’s been a blessing. Regardless of any struggle she faces in life, she continues to show up perseverance, grace, and love for what she does!

She deserves her moment to shine and I feel so lucky to share her grace with all of you! Here is our chat about all things self-care and self-love!

Who are you, where are you from, and where are you spending your time these days?

My name is Kailey Edwards and I’m from Royersford, PA (about 35 minutes outside of Philly). These days, I’m back home and living the dream (sarcastically speaking…)

What are you currently doing for work, if anything? 

One of the craziest things about this pandemic is the opportunities it’s given me in terms of work and, ultimately becoming my own boss. When the pandemic hit, I needed something to fulfill my creativity, which turned out to be photography, and it’s quickly turned into a thriving business venture where I can combine my love visual art with my love of meeting new people and highlighting each person’s unique beauty!

Tell me a little about your journey as a performer and how it has brought you to where you are today?

Passion Piece Feature 
Feature #5
Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty
Kailey as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at Facetime Theatre

So, my story is a little different from most, mainly because I didn’t get my start in theatre until I was a freshman in high school. I was actually an athlete for my entire school-age life, and I had no idea that the arts would end up being my career path. But, when I was cast as the lead in the first musical I ever auditioned for, I decided to just go with it and see how it unfolded! Well, that first show quickly became two, and then three, and I’m now 8 years deep and can’t see myself doing anything else than being involved in some way shape or form for the rest of my life. I think the best part about the performing arts is that there are SO many jobs that also don’t involve performing, but that still fulfill that creative need. For instance, I have a massive passion for dramaturgy, as well as making the arts more inclusive through things like relaxed performances and ASL/Tactile tours. I think that I will be happy as long as I’m somehow directly involved in the performing arts in some way.

 If you can, list for me your top 5 passions- no matter what they are!

  1. Books, books, books! I was a double major in English in college and that’s really just because I love to read so much!
  2. Research is a big passion of mine (which is something my mother says she will never understand, haha!). I just love seeing what other people have to say about a certain topic, while also adding my own interpretations.
  3. Photography. I love that my main job right now is also something that I am super passionate about, truly because it makes people happy and provides people with lasting memories.
  4. Music, specifically jazz! Before I was ever in theater, I was singing at church, and I was super excited when I realized I could become involved in theater and add storylines and acting to songs. 
  5. Dogs-I have two black labs and they keep life interesting, to say the least!

Does the work you are currently doing fall into the same category as any of those passions?

Passion Piece Feature 
Feature #5
Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty

Yes! I am very blessed that my photography business started simply because I just love capturing the world we live in. I studied abroad two years ago in London, and I had so many people back home telling me to create a separate Instagram just for my iPhone travel photos. I never really had the time until quarantine hit, and then I bought myself a camera for graduation. Well, I took photos of friends, they posted them, and then suddenly I have 5 weddings next year! So, it’s been absolutely insane, but also super fruitful. I’ve found that it’s actually benefitted the performing arts side of things for me, because I’ve gotten the chance to photograph fellow performers, which has then given me some wonderful connections within the industry. I love that photography and theatre will always go hand-in-hand and be mutually beneficial!

What has been inspiring you in a time where we are seeing so much change in the world/our industry?

I think I’m most inspired by the ways I’ve seen other creatives still striving to create art during this time. I mean, for God’s sake, we’re in a global pandemic. There’s no pressure to create, but yet, people still are, and they are making this world more beautiful because of it. 

What are some things you like to do in your down time to foster your passions, so they stay just as alive as your work?

I’ve relearned how to read just for fun. In college, I only ever read books that I had to write papers on, or scripts that I was going to be acting in. I’ve really tried, recently, to read books that are just fun reads that I’ve been meaning to pick up off my dusty bookshelf. I am also taking voice lessons again simply for “me”, without the worry of having to prepare for auditions. I’ve missed singing just for the heck of it.

What are your top 3 goals in your life/work?

  1. I would love to make more opportunities available to theaters around the country to be able to do relaxed performances and make their theaters more inclusive all around.
  2. For photography, I would love to ultimately become a destination wedding photographer and travel around the world while capturing memories for people.
  3. Not necessarily a goal, but something I strive to accomplish in anything I do, is to do said thing with kindness and the understanding that everyone has their own gifts in life. I think it’s important to recognize that we are all so needed in this world for so many different reasons!

What does your self-care routine look like?

Oh lord, I barely have one, haha! I really try to wake up early in the morning to do my makeup, not because I need to look good for anyone but myself, but because it’s my “me time” to have to myself before I start my day. 

What advice do you have for anyone struggling to make the time for their passions in their life? 

I think the great thing about this world (and more specifically the performing arts world) is that there are ways to become involved in the field you’re passionate about, even if it’s not in the position you ultimately want. I think that you should find a way to incorporate your passion into your daily job or daily routine, so that it doesn’t become this “separate entity”. If you don’t get cast in a show, find a way to work backstage or in the administration office. Always find a way to be involved with the field you love!

Passion Piece Feature 
Feature #5
Kailey Edwards: Finding the Beauty

She is beauty. She is grace. She is Kailey Edwards! Thanks so much to Kails for finding time in her busy schedule to answer my questions, and many, many more thanks to her for filling the world with beauty, joy, and kindness! If you want to get to know her better yourself, you can follow her on Instagram @kailey__edwards and @kaileyedwardsphotography (her and her mom, Keri, recap the bachelorette on Instagram every week…truly not something you want to miss).

Stay well, friends! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, PLEASE stay safe!

~ Ang xo

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List

Hi, friends!

We are officially at the mid-way point of November! Whether you started embracing the Christmas spirit before Halloween, once Halloween ended, or you’re waiting until after Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure: now is the time to start figuring out your Christmas gift list! Even if you’re a last-minute shopper, now is the perfect time to start thinking of who you need to buy for and brainstorming some gift ideas!

I LOVE gift giving and surprising friends and loved ones with gifts tailored just for them and planning out my list helps me get squared away before the crazy shopping ensues! If you’re not a planner by nature, don’t despair! I’m here to share a few tips and tricks with you to help you kickstart the organization of your gift list to make your holiday shopping painless!

List your people

The first step in organizing your holiday gift list is writing out who you need to buy for! Start by just writing out all the people you can think of that you typically buy for in a season- family, friends, co-workers, significant others, etc. I like to separate my list into categories, so feel free to make your own categories as such if you like to see them separated! And remember, you can always add people to your list or downsize. This is just a preliminary list, no need to be locked into it!

Talk to your friends about gifting

This step is important in your gifting process, especially for younger people i.e. college students, recent grads, etc. I can tell you firsthand that gifting as a young adult is hard! I always feel like I want to shower my friends and family with the best of the best, but my wallet says otherwise! Because you and your friends will more than likely be floating in that boat together, ASK your friends and loved ones 1. If you will be exchanging gifts this year and 2. If so, should we set a spending budget. This is something that I adopted with many of my friends in college that we are still practicing now! Being up front and asking if they would still like to exchange gifts for the holiday opens up a conversation, and setting a spending limit ensures that one person is not spending a ton of money while the other stays within THEIR budget. Make sense? Exchanging gifts or exchanging extravagant gifts DOES NOT define your friendship or relationship. The holidays can be tough, so it is important to work within YOUR means!

Consider your funds, create an overall budget, and individual spending budgets

This step branches off the previous one just a bit! As I said, for most young people, spending around the holidays can be nerve wracking! The best way to combat this feeling to the best of your ability is to consider your funds and your budget before you jump into shopping. Once you’re out and about in stores, it can be easy to veer off course and spend more than you bargained for, which ultimately will just leave you a stressed out place once the shopping is over. We want to avoid that! While we LOVE our friends and loved ones, you don’t want to shell out every penny you’ve got on presents when chances are good you will have expenses to cover! Start by:

  • Talking to with your people and setting your spending limits with one another
  • If you don’t have that discussion with your peeps, try to assign spending budgets for each person on your gift list. Like I said, I know you might want to give your loved ones the world, but we must be realistic with our funds- especially this season!
  • Tally up the maximum amounts you’ve assigned to each person to figure out your maximum budget for your holiday spending. This will be a great framework to start your shopping with! Do keep in mind that you’ve calculated your MAXIMUM budget. Those are the walls in which you should aim to stay, and there is nothing wrong with coming out underbudget! Leave yourself a little bit of wiggle room though, as we all know that one extra person always seems to slip our minds in the craziness of the season!

Do your research, get ideas together!

Now that your gift list is a bit more solid, the fun can begin! Take a look at your list and start brainstorming some gift ideas for your people! Something else you can do that I have done in the past is ask your people to list maybe 5 things they want or need this season. If you’re feeling completely stuck, this will help provide a little insight into how they are thinking! Don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything they want or anything they need. This will help you formulate ideas that are a bit more personal and tailored to the person you’re shopping for!

Google, Instagram, and Pinterest are your friends! SO many bloggers and influencers put together gift idea lists and posts- the resources are endless! Chances are good that if you search it, you’ll find a resource on it! *Don’t forget to keep your receipts and get gift receipts if you can!*

Gather up your gift bags/wrappings so you can clearly separate your gifts and see what you’ve got

As you’re shopping, if you’re interested, gather up your gift bags/boxes/tags too! Sometimes, the wrapping can be TOTALLY part of the present! I love to put gifts in those cute decorative boxes from T.J. Maxx or Michael’s, then they can repurpose them for whatever they’d like later on! Having your wrappings early will also help you separate your gifts so you can clearly see who you already bought for, what you’ve gotten them, and if you are missing anything! Dedicate one box/bag/space in your closet for your present area so that everything can stay in one place and your gifts aren’t all over the place! When the time comes to pull out your goodies, you’ll be so relieved to have it organized and separated all in one place.

If you’re still looking for some overall organizational help for this month and heading into December, my November & December 2-Pack Bullet Journal Templates are available for purchase on my homepage! If you’re looking to purchase a template for ONLY December, click HERE! (P.S. the templates make the perfect, downloadable holiday gift!)

How to Organize Your Holiday Gift List

I know, all my “Christmas after Thanksgiving” peeps are probably going to cringe at me saying ALL of this, but now you are ready to kick start your holiday shopping! Most of these steps can be completed in the coming weeks, your preliminary work can all happen BEFORE Thanksgiving so the minute you finish your Thanksgiving dinner, you can head out to the store and make holiday shopping your you-know-what!

Next week, we’ve got our November Passions Piece Feature, then our Monthly Minute at the end of the month, then get yourself ready for some more organizational, holiday content!

Lots of love! xo

~ Ang

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

During the Thanksgiving Season and Beyond

Hey Hey!

November is well under way, and I don’t know about you, but the month of November always fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We’ve got Thanksgiving, which is a great excuse to think about all the things in our lives we have to be grateful for, but why not practice gratitude all November long? Why not all year long?

Developing a gratitude practice is not always the easiest thing, and it can feel especially daunting in the times of 2020, where so much has gone wrong for so many. Despite the many, many mishaps of 2020, I think now more than ever it is important to take stock of what we have to be grateful for and hold onto that with all out might! Here are a few ways to begin developing your gratitude practice this month so you can carry it with you out of 2020 and into the new year!

Make a list of all the people, things, experiences, etc. that you’re grateful for, every day

I think this is probably the easiest way to start a daily gratitude practice! Without any prompts to follow, you can simply just write out all the things you know you are grateful for. Sit with your thoughts and think of every little thing you can think of! It doesn’t matter when you do it, you can do it any time you have a moment to pause in the day (and if you’re having trouble finding a moment to breathe, this could be the perfect excuse to make one for yourself). First thing in the morning, before bed, during your lunch break- literally any time! If you don’t have a journal or paper handy, your phone will be your savior. Maybe make a note in your phone dedicated to your daily gratitude list!

Get yourself a gratitude journal!

As we know, I’m a journal freak, and having a gratitude journal was how I started developing my gratitude practice! I do my practice before bed, and my journal prompts for every day are “Today I am grateful for___,” “Tomorrow I will remember___,” and a word for the day! It’s that easy! I know there are lots of gratitude journals on the market, some more affordable than others, but you do NOT have to break the bank on a journal! You have my prompts, so you could copy those into your own journal daily or look up a few prompts online and copy those into your own journal! If you have a bullet journal, a gratitude page would also be an awesome thing to add into your daily, weekly, or monthly layout!

Check out this resource for 50 awesome daily gratitude journal prompts to get your journey started! And HERE is a 3-pack of guided journals for gratitude, fitness, and reflection!

Find quiet time to sit with your gratitude

If journaling isn’t your jam, you can still have a daily gratitude practice! Truth be told, I don’t write in my gratitude journal every single day. Sometimes I’m away and I’ll forget to take it along, or I slide into bed, turn the lights off, get snuggled up, and realize I didn’t journal. It happens! But when things like that DO happen, I simply sit in my gratitude. For me, sitting with my gratitude often looks like praying, or simply talking things out with the universe. Over time, you will come to learn what “sitting with your gratitude” looks like for you. Maybe it’s praying, or just replaying your day over in your head and pinpointing the things you were grateful for or the happiest moments of the day. Simply taking the time for yourself to revel in your gratitude will make all the difference!

Move your body

If you are able to, moving your body (to me) is one of the greatest gratitude practices you can adopt! Think about it. If you are capable of waking up each morning and getting your body moving, you have SO MUCH to be grateful for. I think of Amanda Kloots and how she documented her journey while her husband, Nick, was in the hospital with COVID. Exercise was one of her ways of coping, and while she could have sat in her grief and sadness, she was up and moving her body most days to honor those who could not. So, not only is the capability to move your body something to add to your gratitude list, but it’s also something we can do to honor those who may not be so lucky.

If you’re looking to start small, incorporating a daily yoga/meditation practice into your daily routine can help you cultivate your gratitude mindset immensely! Perhaps sitting with your thoughts of gratitude becomes your meditation, which fuels your yoga practice! It’s all connected, my friends!

Actively let your people know you’re grateful for them

This one is something small, but I think it’s extremely important, especially as this crazy year we’ve all had starts wrapping up. Personally, I found that throughout the early months of quarantine that were filled with a lot of disappointment, I came to discover who my “people” really are. They were the friends and family members that were constantly there to be my shoulders to cry on (literally and figuratively) and my rocks in tough times. The people I could count on to answer my calls so I could just talk things out like I need to do, and the people who talked me down when I found myself spiraling. And in the moments where I felt secure enough to hold my head high and keep pressing on, I came to understand that that wouldn’t have been possible without my people. I hope you have your own “people,” and if you do, I encourage you to take the time out of your day, week, month to thank them for being your support system. That little acknowledgment goes a long, long way. Add your people to your gratitude list, show up for them as much as you are able to, and let them know you appreciate them!

And there you have it, friends! 5 ways to get your gratitude on! If you have a gratitude practice that you love, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! I hope that adding these little actions into your daily routine allows you to relish in your gratitude, recognize the good in your life, and practice more love- towards yourself and others!

As always, I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you reading this post today, supporting me on this journey!

Lots of love


My Beauty Must-Haves

My Beauty Must-Haves

My Beauty Must-Haves

Happy November!

Let’s start the month off with some beauty, shall we?! I’ll be completely honest: my beauty routine really is not very impressive or extensive. I have found that I have a good handful of staples in my routine that get the job done for me, as quick and easily as possible! Because I spent so many years of my life loading up on the makeup because of my involvement in theatre and dance, I found that I wanted my day-to-day routine to be simple! If you’re interested in checking out my FULL skincare routine, click here to check out my blog post, “Skin Care is Self Care.”

I also wanted to start the month off with this post because I figure the holidays are coming up, and if you’re interesting in trying out any of the products I share here, it might be a good time to ask Santa to add it to your list *wink wink.* I am not currently affiliated with any of the brands or products I’ve included here, I’m just sharing products that I genuinely use that I LOVE! Let’s dive in!


My Beauty Must-Haves
  • Tula Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm
    • I literally just wrote about this product in my last post, I just can’t get enough of it. AND I’ve written about it before! Tula has a whole line of eye balms, so there are several to choose from based on your own needs! I have been using the original (blue) balm for about a year now and I recently got the Rose Glow & Get It balm (pink). The rose one has a warmer tone, so it blends in with my skin a little better! They do the same job, it’s really just a matter of preference. Either way, I highly recommend!
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Plumping Waterproof Mascara
    • My #1 staple in my makeup routine is always mascara! Typically, my go to makeup only consists of concealer, maybe some eyeshadow, and mascara! This is mostly because I value my sleep too much to wake up any earlier to do my makeup (lol). I’ve tried SO many different mascaras in the past and recently I discovered that this one works best for me! I love that it’s waterproof and it really does plump up my lashes! I curl my lashes, slap this stuff on, and I’m set! You can find this at any drug store, too! Very affordable.
  • Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow
    • I’m obsessed with liquid eyeshadows. I’m a quick and easy makeup kind of gal, and they just go on so effortlessly! They also act as a perfect eyeshadow base when you’re creating a more intricate eyeshadow look! I use this one in the color “Kitten,” and I got it from my T.J. Maxx!


My Beauty Must-Haves
  • Burt’s Bees Chapstick
    • Obviously, you can grab these at any drug store or grocery store for that matter! My go-to flavors are vanilla bean and vanilla maple (that one is seasonal)!
  • Co. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm 8-Hour Overnight Recovery
    • This is my favorite nighttime lip balm! It’s from Bath & Body Works! It comes in a little blue tube and tastes amazing!
  • IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Balm
    • Even before masks became a thing and lipstick was a thing of the past, I was never much of a lipstick wearer. With that being said, you know, you DO need a little color on your lips sometimes, so you don’t look like a corpse! This lip balm is one of those that goes on clear and then blends with the shade of your lips! It also comes in different shades!


My Beauty Must-Haves
  • Pacifica Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub
    • Brief tangent: I have eczema under my armpits, have for years. Initially, I sought out this product because I had read that it would help with eczema. I still have the eczema, so there’s that, BUT I still really love this product! It’s a really nice gentle scrub, and I love it because it scrubs away all your leftover deodorant! Sometimes just washing your underarms just isn’t enough to get rid of it all, but this makes me feel super fresh and clean!
  • Lush Scrubee Body Butter
    • I looooove this little bee! Honestly, I don’t use this product in every shower or all year round; I save it for the colder months when my skin REALLY needs some good nourishment. It leaves my skin feeling SO soft and smooth, and it has little scrubee beads in it to get rid of the dead skin while it nourishes! Plus, it smells amazing!


My Beauty Must-Haves
  • TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray
    • This has been my go-to hairspray for YEARS. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t make my hair feel gross, but it makes my curls hold super well (and I have pin-straight hair that doesn’t like to stay curled). ALSO, it smells exactly like pineapple. And I love pineapple.
  • CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray
    • Having a great heat protectant is essential if you put any heat on your hair AT ALL. I don’t usually blow dry my hair and I don’t usually straighten my hair either. Because I don’t put a ton of heat on my hair besides when I curl it, I try to be very careful when I do use heat, so I always make sure to protect my hair! This spray had amazing reviews, which is why I got it when I was curling my hair a lot for shows, and it has definitely lived up to the hype!
  • Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray
    • So, like I said, I have pin-straight hair. And while I’ve started to notice some changes in my hair recently, my hair generally doesn’t have a lot of volume either. I got this 3-in-1 spray in a gift set last Christmas, and it has been one of my favorite products to use when I curl my hair. It “Textuizes. Amplifies. and Refreshes.” It helps add some really awesome volume to my hair and absorbs excess oils! This also smells AMAZING.
My Beauty Must-Haves
  • Drybar The Wrap Party Curling and Styling Wand
    • The main event of gift set I just mentioned was this curling wand! I had been using the same curling wand since high school before I got this one, and it really upped my hair game. The wand is tapered so that it’s thicker on the top and slimmer on the bottom (usually wands are the opposite way). It creates a much looser, beachier wave rather than those ringlet wand curls I know you were also rocking in high school!

If YOU use any of these products and love them, let me know by commenting on this post! And if there are any products here you want to try out, now is the perfect time to add them to your holiday gift list (I can’t believe we are already talking about the holidays)!

Also, you better have voted. If not, you better be voting tomorrow! Santa WILL NOT add these products to your stocking if he finds out you didn’t vote.

Have a happy Monday, and beautiful start to your November!

~ Ang

Monthly Minute

Monthly Minute

Monthly Minute October Round Up

October Round Up

Hi friends!

Another month of 2020 in the books, which means one month closer to a brand-new year! I love October, it has always been one of my favorite months! I personally felt like the month slowed down just a little bit, which I appreciated so I could enjoy it! Like I’ve said in some of my other posts, my birthday and many of my friend’s birthdays are in October, so fortunately, the month was full of celebration and seeing some friends I hadn’t had the chance to spend a lot of time with (safely, of course!).

As you all know, I try to be as honest and transparent I can be when it comes to gathering my thoughts at the end of the month, and honestly, I felt like my routine suffered a little this month! But I guess it was a bit of an even exchange, because I think it suffered since I spent a lot of time doing things this month that I hadn’t done in months! I loved seeing friends, but of course, being out of my own house where all my routine essentials sometimes threw me for a loop. My usual laundry list of books I read and shows I watch is also short this month, since I didn’t spend as much time lounging around as I have in other months since I started the blog! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it is ok if your routine ebbs and flows with the changing seasons of your life! If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is that nothing can truly be constant. Our worlds are ever changing, whether we want them to or not!

Last month, I talked a bit about my manifestation journey. Recently, I started manifesting with the moon cycles, and let me tell you. I feel more in tune with the universe than I have ever felt before! Putting out my wishes and goals, learning to embrace forgiveness, and practicing gratitude through manifestation honestly has changed my ways of living and thinking. Nothing is instantaneous, but I really do believe that the universe is holding me and is putting my wishes into motion. I can feel it and I can see the changes in my life already occurring. It’s amazing what a little release can do. Again, if you’re interested in manifesting, I highly recommend Yasmin Boland’s book Moonology and all of her other resources.

Something small but worth noting is the fact that I sat down to personally journal this month for the first time since August. I guess it was the first time since then that I had enough going on in my life that I wanted to document for me to remember later. The physical act of writing is something that I feel very connected to; it always centers me. Returning to that was a little thing that felt so important, and it made me want to continue to check in with myself, even in the most mundane times of my life. It reminded me that it is also important to sit with the times where nothing big is happening. It’s all just as important.

I’ve continued to set goals for myself before the start of each new month, and I’m happy to share that I did rather well in terms of achieving what I realistically could from my list! Of course, some things fell to the wayside, but it feels good to know that am on the right path towards making my goals a reality. It’s so funny to think about, because if the world hadn’t paused and my life hadn’t shifted in the way that it did, I wonder if ANY of these goals would be the goals I was aiming for? I try not to think too much about the “what could have been’s,” but it’s interesting nonetheless!

Personal growth continues to be at the forefront of my heart and mind month to month, as I share with you on the blog. I know I’ve got a long way to go, but it is the best feeling knowing that I am the same “Angela” but I am oh, so different than the girl I knew even just a year ago. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Of course, I have moments where I can feel myself reverting back to my old thought processes or ways of handling things, but it’s amazing to me that now, I am able to stop, recognize that, recognize that that isn’t how I want to be, and can try my best to make a shift. I do think there are parts of me that are inherent that I can’t and shouldn’t have to change, but anyone who knows me and loves me enough knows that I am what I am and will love me anyway.


TV & Movies

  • Dancing with the Stars
  • The Bachelorette
  • Schitt’s Creek (currently on season 2, still deciding how I feel, despite popular opinions…)
  • Ozark (FINISHED SEASON 3!)
  • Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2
  • Emily in Paris (I started watching it as background noise, but I didn’t hate it. Very cheesy, but cute!)


  • I’m still working through Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It’s a GREAT book, I just did not devote as much time to reading as I should have this month (that was a goal I did NOT meet)

My Faves

  • Tula Glow & Get It Stick
    • I’ve talked about this product before, but since I have been kind of busy this month, this product has literally been a life saver. This little stick of wonder depuffs your under eyes and provides a nice cooling sensation. It’s perfect for your sleepy eyes first thing in the morning! I love to apply mine right after I moisturize, under my makeup! If I’m ever in a hurry or just don’t feel like bothering with makeup, I’ll swipe this under my eyes, curl my lashes, and go! I swear by it! If you want to check it out, click HERE!
  • Liquid I.V. Immunity Support Blend
  • You guys know I LOVE my Liquid I.V. sticks. I drink one almost every day, and I truly have seen a huge difference in my hydration and my energy (when drinking the energy multiplier). Well, my love for this company grew x10 this month with the launch of their new product, the Hydration Multiplier + Immunity Support Blend! These sticks offer the same hydration multiplier goodness PLUS vitamins C &D, Zinc, and Wellmune to keep your immune system at it’s best! We all know how important that is right now! AND they taste like yummy oranges. If you want to try them out, click HERE for 25% off and free shipping on me!


My subscribers and followers on social media have already heard all about this, but I am so excited to share a new product launch with you! You may know of or have been receiving my free Monthly Bullet Journal Templates, and I’m SO excited to launch my 2-Pack Bullet Journal Templates TODAY!

I decided to sell my templates in 2-packs going forward to better tailor them to the seasons and give everyone a chance to start thinking about planner in advance! The first 2-pack will be for November & December, and let me tell you, they are SO CUTE! With your purchase of the 2-pack you’ll receive 50+ template pages for two months to get yourself and your loved ones ready for the holiday season! The templates ALSO would make a perfect, adorable, and affordable gift for the planner in your life!

Click HERE to get your 2-Pack today!!

I wish you all the best heading into November! Get ready to give thanks! Xo

~ Ang

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Hey babes!

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! 23! On my birthday last year if you would’ve told me that the year would play out in the way that it did…well, I probably would’ve cried while out at dinner for all my friends to see. While my 22nd year turned out much differently than I had planned, I learned a lot about myself and what I want in many different aspects of my life. For that, I am very grateful.

Starting a blog was something I had wanted to do for a very long time, and I never thought 22 would be the year I would do it! I’m so grateful for all of you that have been reading and following along as I figure out this adventure that has come to be one of my greatest loves! Since it’s my birthday, and since, despite the fact that I’ve been sharing lots of things with you all for the last five months, I wanted to take this opportunity share a little bit about myself! I’m spilling the tea, so please don’t use any of these things against me! Here are 10 fun facts you may not have known about me!

1. I Am Obsessed with Deer and Squirrels

This one requires some back story. So, do y’all remember when the deer filter was hot back on Snapchat? The original one, like four years ago? Well, I used to use that filter and make funny (well, I thought they were funny) videos talking as though I were “Bambi in the Forest,” aka Bambi from the Disney movie. Now, my friends and I frequently quote these videos, as they were completely relatable (duh). And I’ve loved deer ever since. Squirrels, I honestly can’t tell you where that came from. We see a lot of squirrels in my backyard at home and I just think they’re so cute! I always stop for the little guys when they go running through the streets. Save a squirrel life, people!

2. I Want to Write a Book One Day

I have no idea what I would like to write about, but I would like to write a book someday! I think I’d like to write something nonfiction or something personal, because I don’t think fiction is my thing. But hey, you never know! All I know at this point in time is that I love to write. I love the act of writing, I love thinking things up, and I love producing something of my own. That was a major reason why I wanted to start a blog! I wanted to be able to write about subjects I felt passionately about, simply because I loved it so much! I’d love to maybe write something for young girls one day. Hmmm…

3. If I Wasn’t A Theatre Maker, I’d Probably Be a Teacher

I always knew deep down that I would go to college for theatre, but to appease the more “traditional” thinkers around me, I thought about becoming a teacher. My mom is a teacher and I love kids, so it was something I thought I might really enjoy. For a while I thought I wanted to be a Spanish teacher, because I did well in Spanish in high school and had great teachers, but in the end I didn’t feel like my Spanish skills were strong enough to, you know, teach the language. Of course, I would like to try my hand at a career in the arts, but if that were to not work out, I think I’d go back to school for early childhood education!

4. I’ve Met The Jonas Brothers

That’s me, the chipmunk

Yes, ladies and gents, that is correct. Little 10-year-old me met the Jonas Brothers on their Burning Up Tour back in 2008! My godmother’s husband actually won the tickets and backstage passes on a radio contest! Funny enough, I had actually heard the call on the radio at the time that he won, and sure enough it was him! I’m a Nick girl, and when it was our time to meet them and get the picture I went straight for Nick, hugged him around the middle, and then I spontaneously combusted. I will put an embarrassing photo here for us all to enjoy together, but it was probably the best day of my 10-year-old life.

5. Chips Are My Weakness

Man, I love chips. I have a sticker on my water bottle that says I heart chips. How much more official can it get. I mean really, it is probably a problem how much I love chips. I could just sit and devour an entire bag myself. Pringles? Forget about it. I will eat that whole can myself. Will I feel shame? Only a little. Will I be happy? Hell yes. I can’t really pinpoint a favorite for you because I go through phases, but Doritos are a solid go-to any time.

6. I’m Afraid of Puppets, the Dark, and Heights

I’m really spilling all my secrets to all of you here. Yes. Puppets, heights, and the dark. I’ve talked through the puppet thing so much with so many friends and I just can’t nail down the reason I’m afraid of them. Some puppets are ok…like I won’t get TOO freaked out. Marionettes though? No. No no no no no. In the dark, I always just feel like there is someone or something lurking behind me, so I knock on every single light in my path. And heights just make my stomach drop into my butt. I’m so afraid of falling, it freaks me out! Congrats, now you know my fears.

7. I LOVE Billy Joel, and You Can’t Tell Me Otherwise

Shout out to all of my friends who have ever driven around with me in my car, because all I listen to is Billy Joel CDs (mostly because I don’t have an aux port in my old little car). Freshman year of college, I was studying in my dorm and I just needed some background music. I put on a Billy Joel playlist from YouTube and the rest is history! Billy Joel’s music always played in my life growing up, but once I got to college I developed a deeper understanding for his genius. Billy Joel songs really were the soundtrack of my college career. Every joyful moment, every heartbreak, every love was colored with some Billy Joel. For that reason, his music holds a special place in my heart. “She’s Always A Woman” is my #1 favorite Billy Joel song, I just relate to it so much!

8. I Can’t Ride a Bike…

Again, really just laying it all out here for all of you. I cannot ride a bike. When I was little, I tried to learn and I ran into the side of my dad’s truck, fell, and I decided I didn’t need to know how to ride a bike. And it’s true, I really don’t need to know how. I’ve made it 23 years and I’m doing just fine! Almost every boyfriend I’ve ever had has said “I’ll teach you!,” yet here I sit. Unable to ride a bike. For a stint in quarantine I did acquire a bike and did attempt to learn…but it didn’t work out. I’M AFRAID TO FALL, OK? I’ve accepted this is a skill I just don’t need to have in my toolbelt.

9. My Top 3 Enneagrams are 3, 1, and 6

At some point in college, I had taken the enneagram quiz and my top two were 6 and 4. Recently, as part of an interview, I had to take the quiz again and my top 3 were 3, 1, and 6! So, I’m The Achiever, The Perfectionist, and The Skeptic. 3’s want to be successful (true), 1’s place emphasis on doing things correctly (also true), and 6’s seek security, safety, and like to be prepared (very true).

10. I’m an Extroverted Introvert

Growing up, I was definitely more of just an extrovert, but now that I’m an adult I think of myself as an extroverted introvert. I recently looked up what the internet said were traits of extroverted introverts to see if I was crazy or if this was a thing, and I identify with A LOT of the traits. My energy level is closely tied to the environment I’m in, I find people intriguing and exhausting, I’m selectively social, some people/interactions charge me and others drain me, I can be charming (if I do say so myself) but deeply introspective, and it takes me less energy to say what’s on my mind than make small talk. I read this list and couldn’t believe how spot on it was. So, all my extroverted introverts out there, I’m sending you some love!

There you have it, 10 things you maybe didn’t know about me! Now when you see me in person, you’ll have plenty to tease me about! Anyway, I am so grateful for all that the last year has brought me and I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful milestones 23 holds! Thank you all for your constant love and support! This Scorpio sends you love!

~ Ang xo

Passion Piece Feature

Passion Piece Feature

Passion Piece Feature
Feature #4
Courtney Wersick: Real-Life Disney Printcess

Courtney Wersick: Real-Life Disney Printcess

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time again! Time for our October Passion Piece Feature! This month, the spotlight is on my social media gal pal, artistic mentor, Courtney Wersick! And yes, you read that right, PRINTcess! Here’s a bit about her:

“Courtney Wersick is an Actor and Artistic Mentor, based out of New York City. With a Bachelors of Music degree in Vocal Performance, Courtney has always believed life is too short to pay bills and die. After completing a contract with Disney Cruise Lines after graduating from Towson University, she made the big move to NYC to pursue her Broadway dreams! Her mottos in life are “Progress over Perfection”, and “Be Kind, Always.” She is also an artistic mentor for emerging artists seeking to pursue a career in musical theatre – using her own experience to help the younger generation feel confident they are chasing their dreams with their best foot forward. Courtney loves working with children, is a loud and proud cat lady, and a (maybe not so loud but still proud) true-crime enthusiast! In her free time, Courtney is a calligraphy artist; co-owning a small art/print shop called Printcesses, which she co-found with her best friend in 2018.”

Passion Piece Feature
Feature #4
Courtney Wersick: Real-Life Disney Printcess

I’m particularly excited to feature Courtney this month because I feel like her and I have been talking about this since I even started the blog! The last few months have been tough on artists trying to find a community, but thanks to the amazing artistic community on Instagram, Courtney and I started following one another and what a lucky break it was! While she and I have yet to meet in person (I’m going to have lots of new fun friends to catch up with when the world regains some new normalcy!), Courtney’s love and light still shine on me from states away. The title of artistic mentor is so perfect for her, and I feel like she is mine in a way! Watching her speak on social media about her audition experiences, cruise ship life, and her journey towards finding an apartment in NYC have been so enlightening and beyond helpful since these are all things I would like to be able to do! Having a guide like Courtney who is so open and honest about her experiences can only be beneficial if you, too, are looking to pounce on your Broadway dreams.

On multiple occasions, Courtney has been in my messages, lifting me up and holding me there in times of struggle during the pandemic. I so admire her for her kindness, her work ethic, and her never ending passion for the people and things she loves. Let’s hear about what Courtney’s up to and how she practices self-care and self-compassion!

Who are you, where are you from, and where are you spending your time these days?

I’m Courtney! I am from Bowie, MD – and I am currently riding out this pandemic in Baltimore, MD with my boyfriend/partner, Jason!

What are you currently doing for work, if anything?

Since performing/the theatre have been almost completely halted due to the pandemic, I have been finding new ways to not only prepare for when theatre returns, but to reframe my model for success. I’m working with an artistic mentor myself, doing a lot of self-reflection on my “why”, and kind of treating quarantine like my own little “rehab” for my Imposter Syndrome. I truly believe mental health and self-care are the two most important elements of being a performer and I’ve been trying to look on the bright side and really take advantage of the down time I’ve been given during this shut-down. Additionally, I’ve been working on my calligraphy/art business – we recently launched our new sticker collection and that has really opened the floodgates for my creative output! Most excitingly, I have also been building an artistic mentorship program 🙂 My mini-course on moving to New York City is now available on my website.

Passion Piece Feature
Feature #4
Courtney Wersick: Real-Life Disney Printcess

Tell me a little about your journey as a performer and how it has brought you to where you are today?

Well, it really begins from when I was too little to even remember! I was always a performer — putting on shows and concerts for my friends and family in my living room. Growing up I did every musical, choir, and show I had the opportunity of doing and really have been chasing this dream from the get-go! It all really changed when I was 12 years old. I saw the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera, and decided to give up my dreams of being the next Britney Spears and switch to being an opera singer. I started taking my first professional classical voice lessons when I was 13 and the rest is kind of history! I couldn’t afford to go to college in NYC, and when Towson offered me a scholarship — I couldn’t say no. They didn’t have a MT program so I studied  classical voice because even though I knew I wanted to eventually pursue musical theatre, I really loved opera and felt that continuing my classical training might give me a leg up, vocally. 

I’m very lucky to have known what my passion was at such a young age, and while that has definitely led to some perfectionism and high expectations in my adulthood — I am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had along the way. I’m now at a place where I can appreciate all the work I’ve done, while exploring new ways to pursue my passions!

If you can, list for me your top 5 passions- no matter what they are!

       – Performing (duh)

       – Food (specifically pasta and sweets)

       – TV and movies (I’m a spooky movie girl) 

       – Calligraphy

       – Inspiring others (if you ever need a hype man, I’m your girl hahaha) 

Does the work you are currently doing fall into the same category as any of those passions?

Absolutely! I’m really trying to do more of all of those things during these crazy times. I had a breakthrough recently regarding doing more of what makes me happy and brings me internal fulfillment and all of those things are involved!

What has been inspiring you in a time where we are seeing so much change in the world/our industry?

Passion Piece Feature
Feature #4
Courtney Wersick: Real-Life Disney Printcess

 Honestly, I am so inspired to come out on the other side of this with a renewed passion for this industry, and a new perspective of who I am and what I want to do as well. I am hopeful that there will be some changes made to the “system” that involve us all being more compassionate, more patient, and more supportive of each other as actors and artists in general. I have seen so many of my performer friends taking the time to break down the walls that so many of us put up to protect ourselves from criticism and judgement – walls that I truly believe hold us back  as artists AND human beings. If the only thing I did this year was find my inner peace and figure out how to help others do the same – then maybe 2020 won’t go down as the worst year in my history book. There is still a light at the end of the tunnel. 

What are some things you like to do in your down time to foster those passions, so they stay just as alive as your work?

I’ve been working on giving myself the quiet time and the space to fully live in the moment and FEEL the emotions that present themselves. It is so easy to just push them down and distract yourself with staying “busy & productive’ but as I learned pretty early on in quarantine — that doesn’t serve me in any way. I get burnt out A LOT. So when I feel like I’m overworking myself, or I’m feeling anxious – I have been taking a step back and sitting down with a book, watching a tv show I love, or even just playing my Animal Crossing for a while to just really try and RELAX – to avoid burnout. Taking care of yourself is JUST as “productive” as the traditional ideas of “working” that we all force upon ourselves. 

What are your top 3 goals in your life/work?

Firstly, to spread sunshine wherever I go. There is nothing that brings me more joy than bringing a smile to someone’s face.

Secondly, to inspire others to chase their dreams and chase them bravely. I want to be that person for people to turn to when they feel like their dreams are too big. We all need that person. 

Lastly, to enjoy my life. I don’t want to be on my deathbed thinking about all the things I didn’t do, or all the things I did out of trying to please others. Life is too short to live for other people. I want to share my life with others and embrace every second of it because my happiness comes from within. 

What does your self-care routine look like?

Recently, it’s truly a balancing act. At the beginning of quarantine, I was setting impossibly high goals- so now I am focusing on balancing “work” with “me time”. As for “me time” – I’m currently reading through Midnight Sun (ngl, I’m struggling), playing Animal Crossing, watching a bunch of South Korean zombie films, and spending time with my boyfriend and our new kitten – Fizzgig! I try to alternate between a “work” activity and a “me time” activity on a 1:1 basis 🙂 

What advice do you have for anyone struggling to make the time for their passions in their life? 

I cannot emphasize this enough – therapy and/or mentoring – have changed my life. There have been so many times where I have struggled to find motivation to pursue my passions, and it always came back to something within myself that was holding me back. I strongly urge anyone struggling with this to really take the time to figure out their “why” and take the time to explore the obstacles both mental and physical (ie. their schedule, or day job, or family dynamic, etc) that may be holding them back. I think that’s a very good use of this time, so we can fully thrive in our power when life returns to “normal” – whatever that is! LOL. 

HUGE thank you to Courtney for sharing her time and energy with me! If you want to learn more about Courtney, give her a follow on Instagram and check out her website!

Talk soon! xo

~ Ang

Turning Passion Into Practice

Turning Passion Into Practice

Passion Post: My Personal Yoga Journey

Turning Passion Into Practice 
My Yoga Journey: Part Two

Part Two

Hey Hey!

SO, after much longer than I had anticipated, I am back sharing part 2 of my personal yoga journey with you! Upon writing this, I am so excited to share that I AM OFFICIALLY A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER! As of September 28th, I received my certificate, making it all ~official official~!

Obviously, I wrote part 1 of this little passion post series waaaaaay back in June, so this has been stretched out for just a bit longer than I had expected. That is part of the reason why I loved the program I was in so much, because it was all move at your own pace. The program is structured to be completed in an 8-week time frame. When I first started, I remember thinking “8 weeks is SUCH a long time, I will be finished in no time,” and…I was slightly mistaken! All in all, it took me about 3+ months to submit all my materials and receive my certificate.

In my part 1 post about my yoga journey, I highlighted how I got started doing yoga and what led me to want to start my teacher training, and I talked a little bit about what I was learning in the program. At the time, I was less than a month into my studies, so it was kind of easy to briefly mention all I was learning. I started out learning about the ancient philosophies of yoga and the Yoga Sutras, and went on to learn about anatomy and physiology, proper sequencing and class structure, and the business of yoga.

As part of my course requirements, I had to watch 48 hours’ worth of additional lecture topics from weekend zoom lectures. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the training, despite the time commitment. I liked to view these lectures as “yoga elective” because there were a variety of different topics to choose from. There are many sister sciences to yoga and different courses of study within the study of yoga, so there truly is a branch for every person to enjoy and dive into. Before starting my training, I knew nothing about Ayurveda, or “The Science of Life,” and now, I am amazed at how ayurvedic principles really do impact my life! Some other topics that I really enjoyed learning about were prenatal yoga, the chakras, and yin yoga!

Like I mentioned, I also learned the proper way to sequence a yoga class. Now, before I started my training, I will admit, I did not think it was going to be as much of a mental and spiritual journey as it was; I thought the journey would largely be a physical one. The journey absolutely encompassed all of those things, and while the physical aspect of yoga teacher training is demanding there was so much more to it. Although it isn’t everything, proper sequencing one major part of yoga teacher training!

When you start sequencing a yoga class, having a theme to build the class around is really helpful. This usually helps in deciding what kind of poses to incorporate, if you want to do a flow class or a gentler class, and the intensity of the class. I knew the bare bones of a yoga class just from being a student for many years, but I had never thought about how to properly sequence poses to protect the muscles, joints, and bones in the body! It was all extremely fascinating to me. I had to create lots of different groups of poses for potential sequences, and honestly, I loved doing it. To me, it was like piecing together a puzzle and I loved the challenge. I also had to type out entire classes, both the sequence of poses and everything that I would say as though I were actually leading a class. It was incredible to see just how many pages one class could take up, since you’re leading and giving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual cues all in any given class!

I had to teach a few mini classes and one full-length class as part of my training practicum, and I was sooo nervous to teach. I remember thinking when I would take yoga classes “I don’t know how the instructors do the poses themselves, talks through even the toughest of poses, gives positive reinforcement, and looks completely amazing and fit while doing it.” I am by no means the perfect teacher, nor will I ever be, but after I taught my first class, I felt a rush of accomplishment a pride wash over me. I had done something I had questioned whether I could do or not and it had gone smoothly! I still get some butterflies before I teach, only because I get worried I’ll forget something, but for the most part teaching brings me such joy. My experience as a yoga student certainly helped inform me in my training, and now my experience as a teacher will continue to inform me as a student. Even though I am now a teacher, I will always be a student- learning from my students, learning from other teachers, and continuing to broaden my knowledge of the practice.

Right now, I am offering yoga classes via zoom here and there- wherever I can find the time in my schedule! I love having the opportunity to connect through our breath, even if it is on zoom! If you’re interested in taking class with me, feel free to reach out to me via social media/email so I can get your email added to my email list!

I cannot thank my close friends and family enough for encouraging me to take this leap, for their constant support while I completed the program, and for coming to my early classes (for real, you’re so appreciated). Had it not been for Miss. Rona, I never would have been able to slow down and take time to start a training program, let along see myself through to completion. Sometimes good really does come out of the darkest places. I can’t wait to keep practicing, teaching, and sharing my love for yoga with the world however I can!

Sending lots of love and light right to you!

~ Ang

5 Ways To Find Balance in Your Work Life

5 Ways To Find Balance in Your Work Life

5 Ways To Find Balance In Your Work Life

Work is Important, But So Are You

Happy October, everyone!

It feels like it was March five seconds ago, where in the world did the time go? A month into fall, I know many of us have transitioned from summer mode to work mode (maybe you’re still dreading it or maybe you’re loving it!). As a recent college graduate, I know I’m not alone when I say that the transition from college to “adult” life has been quite interesting. As a theatre major, I always had this “plan” as to what my early post-grad days would look like. Obviously, I was probably going to have a side hustle (or two, or three) to supplement some income, but I would largely be focused on auditioning and hopefully have consistent work in the world of theatre.

Welp. As we all know, we make plans and the universe laughs.

Early post-grad life in the world of the pandemic completely flipped my script. Instead of executing the plan I had laid out for four years, I’m now at home, working three jobs just to try and save, save, save so that when theatre comes back, I can hit the pavement.

In addition to my retail job, I recently started a remote marketing position and I’m nannying/tutoring. To say that working these jobs was a bit of a balancing act at the start would be an understatement, also because I am trying to do theatre/teach yoga here and there where I can. Since I know I’m not alone on this front, and the struggle to find balance between work and life is REAL, here are a few tips for learning how to find what works while still working your tush off!

Tip #1: Look Ahead, Lay It Out

I feel like I am always saying this, but it pays to be a planner! When I lay everything out clearly in front of me in terms of my work schedule/personal schedule, I always feel a bit more secure. You could do this weekly, monthly, or for both (I like to do both). Having a planner or a desk calendar of some sort will make this much easier for you. Usually on Saturday’s or Sunday’s I like to sit down with my planner, go through every day of the upcoming week, and write down all my obligations/activities. I’ll go over my work schedule, any work projects I have to complete and their due dates, my scheduled blog content, and any other personal things I’ve got planned for the week. For me, being able to see every day clearly laid out helps give me a clear sense of what’s in store!

Tip #2: Take Breaks

Whether you’re working a remote job, nannying, or working in the office 9-5, breaks are SO important. I’m mostly telling you this as a reminder for myself as well because I am sometimes just the worst with making time for breaks. I’ll work until I’m done, but then feel so drained from not allowing myself the proper time to breathe in a workday. In my yoga teacher training, I watched a lecture about yoga in the corporate world, and I believe our instructor said that about every 30 minutes, you should move your body if you’re tied to a desk all day! Taking a break should really be fueled by what your mind and body are craving. Even if you only get a five-minute pause, use it to stretch, grab some water, grab a snack, call your mom, or just sit still and breathe!

Tip #3: Have a Stopping Time/ Take the Weekend

Having an end to your workday is essential if you are working from home these days. Again, I am really saying this as a reminder to myself as well. It is so easy to get caught up in your work and work waaaay beyond 5 or 6 at night- trust me, I get it. But having a time to end your workday allows you to take some time to decompress before you start the process all over again the next day! AND, if you’re able to, take the weekend! I understand that overwhelming urge to work to completion, even if that means working on the weekends, but try to leave work alone after your end time on Friday!

Tip #4: Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

This one has less to do with work and more to do with aspects of your life in addition to work. Our society has groomed us to be “yes” people, and sometimes this mentality is super detrimental to our sanity. I know personally, I have a hard time saying no. It’s hard to say no to that extra shift (or maybe not? lol), to planning that party, to that trip that you thought you’d be able to make it on. If the thought of saying no and not taking on any more in your life makes your insides feel glowy: SAY NO! Your work is extremely important, but your down time should be treated with the same amount of love and respect! Don’t run yourself dry; if you do, you will be doing yourself and everyone around you a major disservice.

Tip #5: Ask For Help/ Ask For A Day

BUT if you do happen to bite off more than you can chew, and you’ve planned your way into a hole: ASK FOR HELP! Call a friend, your mom, your aunt, literally anyone you know and trust, and just ask for help! Trust me, we ALL have been there, so any normal human being who cares about you should want to help you out in any little way they can if you come to them and are overwhelmed. Another great way to try and avoid taking on too much or burning yourself out is to ask for the day when you need it. For example, in my retail job, I asked my boss to try and give me one day a week off in between the start of my work week there and the days I tutor. I knew that if I spread myself too thin and tried to overlap in my jobs, I would be mentally drained. I was nervous to ask, but I am sure glad I did because my boss was SO understanding. I know that everyone’s work situation/boss is different, and this may not be possible for you, but if you have the days to take, TAKE THEM WHEN YOU NEED TO FOR YOUR OWN SANITY!

If any of you work-from-home babes or busy beauties have other tips you’d like to share with the BTF community for maintaining your sanity in a busy work life, comment below and let us know! And remember, first and foremost, your occupations do not define you! If you aren’t where you want to be right now, just remember your dreams and your passions will find you when you least expect it. There is a plan, you are living through part of that plan. Take comfort in knowing this is one steppingstone on the way to your destiny!

Talk soon!

~ Ang xoxo

Monthly Minute

Monthly Minute

Monthly Minute
September Round Up

September Round Up

Wake Up! September is almost over!

Thank you for indulging in my cheesy Green Day Reference.


Summer has come and gone, and we have officially made it through the first little bit of fall! I don’t know about you, but as I get older, I’m more aware of how quickly the year goes by. Things that happened last September feel like they JUST happened, and I always have to check myself and remind myself…it’s been a year, sister.

September was a great month; it was exciting in lots of new ways, but still the same-old-same-old in many ways, too. First and foremost, in addition to my lovely retail job I started a new job as a remote marketing assistant for a blogging business!!! It’s all very new and I am learning a lot, but I have loved every minute so far. I have to say, I am not anywhere NEAR where I had thought I would be at this point in the game a year ago but I do think I ended up where I am for a reason. Although actively pursuing a career in the theatre right now is not really possible, I do feel like I am continuing to grow and better myself for when that big reopening does happen (because it WILL happen). Also, this month I taught my first yoga class as my final assignment for my training! I am just about finished up, just ironing out a few logistical things, but stay tuned next month for the official announcement of my completion!

The things I choose to write about in these monthly round up posts are constantly changing, just because I don’t think I can really have a template for how life is going to play out that month and what I am going to need more/less of in my life! Some months I have had tons of time to watch TV and read books, other months I feel like I’m constantly being tugged at by work, and so on and so forth. This month, I’m going to share with you some books I read (I was actually able to read a lot), some products that have been life savers in my busy schedule, and some things I have added into my routine to make my soul a little happier!


Moonology by Yasmin Boland

One of the goals I set for myself for September was to start manifesting, and coincidentally, this book is all about manifesting with the cycles of the moon. I got the book to read as part of the Simple Ayurveda online book club thinking that it was only about the moon, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got it and found out it had a lot to do with manifestation (one might say…I manifested for this…?). Boland is truly an expert in her field, and this book is a wonderful starting point for newcomers to manifesting like myself. I’m fascinated by how the moon and astrology control our lives and I have loved bringing manifestation into my life!

Monthly Minute
September Round Up

The Whisper Man by Alex North

This book was spooky. Creepy. But an absolute page turner! Full disclosure: I am a little afraid of the dark and reading this book alone in my room at night definitely left me sitting up for longer than usual. I picked this book up at Sam’s Club not thinking I’d love it, but it was such a great read. Usually, I find thrillers to be a little predictable, or I can just unravel them quickly, but this one truly kept me guessing the whole way through. The author did a beautiful job of connecting all the dots as the twists and turns unfolded. Check it out!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

This is the book that I am in the process of reading, but so far, I love it! My mom actually read it first and wouldn’t stop raving about it, saying every young woman should read it. She kindly got me my own copy (because she knows I like to highlight and underline and all that) and I am loving how raw and honest it is so far.


Ratchet (Netflix)

If you are a Ryan Murphy/ American Horror Story lover, this show is DEFINITELY for you. I am not up to date on AHS whatsoever, but I love Sarah Paulson and Finn Wittrock so I decided to give this show a shot. There are only 8 episodes up right now, but I literally started it on a Friday night and was finished by Saturday night. I couldn’t stop!!! Of course, if you’re familiar with Ryan Murphy’s work, it usually has that effect of viewers. It’s kind of so sickening and crazy that you just can’t stop watching. If you’re looking for a little thrill in your TV watching endeavors, I would 100% recommend this show!

This and That

Fringe Studio Notebooks

If you know me, you know I am a bit of a notebook snob. I have SO many notebooks laying around, but Fringe Company notebooks are 100% my favorite. All the ones I have ever used I found at my T.J. Maxx/Marshall’s/Home Goods, but you can also find a few on Amazon or on their website! The paper is amazing to write on, and I love that they have the little space for the date in the top corner of the pages. I recently got a 2-pack on mini notebooks; one is lined pages and the other is dotted! They are so perfect for on-the-go work!

Liquid I.V.

Y’all, if you follow me on Instagram you already KNOW how much I love my Liquid I.V. Hydration and Energy Multipliers!!! Seriously, the flavors are so yummy. They also just came out with 3 new flavors- watermelon, apple pie, and guava! I haven’t tried the new ones yet but I am SO ready. The sticks use CTT technology to get the goods to your bloodstream faster, hydrating you beyond belief. The Energy Multiplier works the same way AND pumps you up with natural caffeine. If you want to try out Liquid I.V. for yourself you can shop here for 25% off your purchase AND free shipping!

JustFab Shoes

I have always wanted to give JustFab a try…I took the leap and I love my shoes! I was skeptical because first of all, I have a big foot and second of all, my feet are sometimes a weird in between size, so not being able to try them on worried me. I went with my gut on the sizing, I nailed it, and the shoes are adorable. I got a cute pair of sneaker wedges and a cute pair of simple white sneakers for the transition into fall! Also sweet, when you sign up as a VIP your first pair of shoes is only $10!

I hope you had a great September and that you’re all adjusting beautifully to this chilly fall weather! I can’t wait for October, it’s my favorite month! Myself and a lot of my close friends have birthdays in October, and it always just brings me so much joy. Be on the lookout for some more posts about my passions/getting to know me as my birthday month unfolds! I hope October brings you joy, love, and abundance! Stay well, loves!

~ Ang