Beyond the Footlights Turns 2!

Beyond the Footlights Turns 2!

Beyond the Footlights Turns 2!

Where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and what’s coming next…

Hello BTF Friends!!!

Long time, no talk! Holy moly, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve hopped on my computer to write like this. I’m excited, nervous, all the feelings as I sit here, hoping you’ll all find this an exciting (and interesting) post/update.

In case you missed it, I’ve been a liiiittle MIA- for lots of amazing reasons that I’ll get into later. I haven’t published a blog post since December of 2021, but even before that my blogging efforts were spotty. It’s probably been about 6 months since I’ve shared posts consistently BUT today is the blog’s 2nd birthday!! So, there’s no better time than the present to jump back in, give you a little life update, and give you an idea of what the future of the blog might look like!

Where I’ve Been & What I’ve Been Up To…

So she’s been MIA, but where has she been??

You all know (if you didn’t, now you will) that I studied musical theatre and my primary focus since theatre started opening back up has been to pursue THAT. Since November of 2021, I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a National Tour!! Being in a tour was one of my biggest goals post-grad, and it’s been such a blessing. Not only have I been able to do what I love, but I’ve made so many new amazing friends that are now like my family AND I’ve had the opportunity to do some traveling! In about 3 weeks between the end of March and the beginning of April we traveled to six cities with the show, going between charter buses and a sleeper bus (what an experience).

Because the show is totally new, there are a lot of moving parts and there’s a lot that goes into getting it on its feet and in front of larger audiences. Our performances in November/December and March/April were part of two ‘mini-tours’ and it’s the hope that the full North American tour will be hitting the road again later this year!

Beyond the Footlights Turns 2!
Our tour cast!

So, as you can imagine, rehearsing, hitting the road, and being in a new city at least every other day leaves little room for much else. I spent most of my time exploring the new cities between performances and getting as much rest as I could. Honestly, my brain only had the capacity to think about our travel and performance schedules which left me without much creative inspiration outside of what I needed to be focusing on.

Since taking this break from the blog there have been tons of times when I’ve had the urge to sit down and write but had absolutely no inspiration. Very early on in this blogging journey, I often found myself under this self-imposed pressure to publish a new post once a week, follow a self-prescribed schedule I felt very rigid in, and do everything ‘right’ to try and make this platform grow. While it’s still my goal to grow this platform and reach as many people as I can with the content I’m creating, I’m slowly realizing that if I don’t do this blogging thing for myself first then what good is it?

In the digital age we are so wrapped up in where creating content is what gets people noticed, it’s easy to get caught up in this unspoken “pressure” to create great content and create it consistently. And while no one has made ME feel this way directly, I often get caught in the web of comparison that the internet easily creates. I see other bloggers working with brands, brands I’ve attempted to work with or not, and creating new blog, Instagram, and Tik Tok posts consistently while I’ve been busy and I can’t help but feel sometimes like I’m not a “real” blogger because I’m not keeping up.

Trust me: I know this is COMPLETELY false and I am no less of a creative because I’ve had to put one creative endeavor on the back burner while focusing on another, the one I’ve dreamt of always putting first.

All this to say- I love this blog, I love the content I have created, and it is going to continue to be part of my life. How it fits in though will be on MY terms and not any that may be imposed on me by the world of social media! It’s healthier that way and it’ll allow me to focus on what I love about all of my creative works. I started this blog for myself in a time that was so uncertain and it continues to grow and shift with me as I continue life in an amazing (but sometimes uncertain) career!

What’s Coming Next…

Now that I’ve explained my entire thought process to you, I think it’s clear to see that I may not have an exact direction of what comes next for Beyond the Footlights. And I don’t think I totally have to have a clearly defined answer just yet! As I have the time to create content that I think is relevant, I will! During busy times working in other creative fields, I may not create as much blog content and that’s that!

Beyond the Footlights Turns 2!

Even two years into this whole blogging thing, I still feel like I don’t totally have a clear direction of what type of content I’d like to focus on! My ideas have shifted and continue to do so, so I think that will be reflected in the content I’m hoping to create.

Beyond the Footlights has always been considered a ‘lifestyle’ blog and I think that’s what I am looking to lean into more going forward. As I mentioned before, it isn’t always easy to balance this creative outlet with others, mainly theatre. While theatre is my first love and what I love most at heart, I don’t feel like I can easily come up with theatre topics to blog about often enough. Keeping those two passions separated a bit more may be what’s best for me for now!

Over the last two years pursuing blogging and content creation, I’ve had several opportunities to work with some amazing brands and pursue partnerships which has been amazing. That’s definitely something I’m looking to keep up. I’m also very passionate about all things shopping- particularly shopping for great bargains (this may or may not be a bad habit, but we’re ignoring that). That along with self-care, beauty, organization, and all that jazz are topics I’m thinking of really honing in on!

So, Now What?

Now what? Well, I guess only time will tell! The best place to keep an eye on all things blog related is my Instagram! I’m always there sharing blog posts, products I love, and more! Until further notice, I’ve stopped my email list, so Instagram is going to the the place to be if you want to keep up with new things I’m creating! You can also subscribe to BTF on my homepage- that way you will always be the first to be notified when I share a new post. My Links & Codes page will stay up to date with any special links or discounts I have for my followers, and you can follow me on LTK to shop the products I share directly!

I’m looking forward to sharing more content with you coming soon, and I’m so grateful that you’re all still here showing your support- even after my little hiatus!

Lots of love!

XO Ang

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