How to Make Mother’s Day Special At Home

How to Make Mother’s Day Special At Home

How To Make Mother's Day Special At Home

Things to Do for Mother’s Day at Home

Happy Monday and Happy May!

Are you gearing up for Mother’s Day this weekend? While some Covid restrictions are lifting and outdoor events are starting to pop up, it’s possible you may be gearing up for another Mother’s Day spent at home with your loved ones! Looking for ideas or tips on how to make this Mother’s Day special at home? Look no further!

I’ve compiled a list of ideas, tips, activities, DIY moments, and more to help make your loved one’s Mother’s Day at home as special as a Mother’s Day out on the town!

I’d like to preface this post with a word of advice from my own mother when it comes to Mother’s Day planning, either out or at home. My mother would tell you to “take their lead.” If the individual(s) you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day would like to spend Mother’s Day out shopping and eating, do that! If they would like to stay home and not really do anything extraordinary for Mother’s Day, do that! If they will lovingly go along with your plan to celebrate Mother’s Day with at-home activities, go for it! Make the day everything they envision!

Are you ready to plan your special Mother’s Day, celebrating the maternal figures in your life? Here are some tips on planning things to do for your Mother’s Day celebration at home!

How To Make Mother’s Day Special At Home

How To Mother's Day Special At Home

Plan A Homemade Mother’s Day Meal

One of the easiest DIY activities to make Mother’s Day at home special is to make a special Mother’s Day meal! Any meal on Mother’s Day will do: breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. If you can scrounge up a meal using what you already have at home, this makes for a great gift/gesture for mom that doesn’t have to cost money! You can make a homemade breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning, or even lay out an outfit for her to wear for a more formal, homemade brunch!

Planning a nice Mother’s Day lunch or dinner would be lovely as well! Or you can DIY every meal on Mother’s Day! If your mom is always the one preparing meals, taking this burden off her shoulders for the day will be sure to make her day a bit more relaxed.

Take An Online Cooking Class Together for Mother’s Day

Is mom not a big cook? Not to worry! Take an online cooking class together for Mother’s Day! This activity has the potential to make her Mother’s Day so memorable! With Cozymeal, you can have an at-home cooking class from your device for as little as $29! You can choose your style of food plus they have pantry-friendly options as well as classes tailored toward dietary restrictions! Links to the recipes are sent upon booking and the classes are interactive! Check out this Pajama Brunch with Mimosas and Pancakes class for Mother’s Day!

Do a DIY At-Home Paint and Sip for Mother’s Day

Doing an at-home paint and sip class is another great activity to add to your agenda on Mother’s Day! Sit down with your favorite lady and your favorite wine and get artsy! I found a great video on YouTube to guide you, you just need the supplies! Be sure to watch the start of the video, as the supplies you need are listed! I think something fun like this is the perfect thing to do to celebrate your Mother’s Day at home! Plus, you’ll both have a beautiful homemade keepsake as a result!

Plan an At-Home Spa Day for Mother’s Day!

If you can’t take mom to the spa, bring the spa to her! A spa day at home will be sure to brighten up her mood and allow her to relax on her day! You can find lots of resources online on how to do an at-home facial; check out this video I found on YouTube (a licensed esthetician walks you through step by step)! Find your favorite skincare products and get relaxing! Need skincare recs? Check out my post “Skincare is Self-Care” to see some of what I use in my daily skincare routine!

While you’re at it, do your nails! Want to give mom an at-home gel mani/pedi that will last? Check out my post “How To Get Your Best At-Home Gel Mani” to check out what you’ll need to do your gels at home and how to do it!

Take Charge Household Tasks for Mother’s Day

Take charge of the household tasks to lighten mom’s load! Making the meal(s) for the day is a great start but taking the lead on other household chores is something I think any mom would be grateful for! This can really consist of anything that your mom does on a regular basis like doing the dishes, tidying up the house, going grocery shopping- just to name a few! I know my mom would love to not worry about the menial tasks for a day!

Arrange a Movie or TV Marathon with Your Mom

Get comfy on this one! Spend Mother’s Day hanging in your pajamas with your mom and set up a movie/tv marathon! Bring out all your cozy blankets, put on your favorite feel-good movies/tv shows, pop some popcorn and spend part of the day just relaxing! Head to your local dollar store and stock up on the movie candy while you’re at it! My mom and I love the movie “Because I Said So” with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore and “Steel Magnolias.” “Gilmore Girls” would also be the perfect show to Mother’s Day binge!

Spend the Day Outdoors

Weather permitting, of course, get outside and move with your momma (if that’s her thing)! Find a beautiful nature trail or pathway and go on a walk or a little hike! Do some yoga outdoors; go on a bike ride! Back at home, you could even set up a Mother’s Day picnic in your backyard or on your terrace/porch! As long as it’s nice, soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh air!

Host a Backyard (or virtual) Cookout

This one is in the same vein of cooking the meals for mom on Mother’s Day, but you could host a backyard cookout- in person or virtually! Invite a small group over and (weather permitting), throw some food on the grill, and enjoy Mother’s Day outdoors! If you’re not comfortable inviting others over or you don’t live in the same place as some of your family, you can all set up your dinner and drinks and have a virtual cookout! At least we have technology to keep us connected on these holidays when we can’t be together!

Spend the Day Planning Your Next Trip Together

Fully vaccinated and ready to do some traveling with the women in your life in the near future? Spend this Mother’s Day planning your next girl’s trip! Start looking up places you may want to visit, things you may want to do in your travels, and maybe even start building Pinterest/Vision Boards for your chosen destination! Now is ther perfect time to start planning and gathering ideas to make your next girl’s/Mother’s Day trip the best one yet!

I hope you’ve found something in this post to take and use to make your Mother’s Day at home as special as can be!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and maternal figures out there!

Lots of love!

~ Ang

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