Ready, Set, Routine- Establishing Your Own Routine Post-College

Ready, Set, Routine- Establishing Your Own Routine Post-College

Establishing Your Own Routine Post-College

Hi, my beautiful friends!

It’s that time of year: The end of school and the beginning of spring with summer not too far behind! Even though many momentous events in all of our lives have been altered, many high school seniors are preparing to embark on the next four years of their lives in college and current college students are preparing for another year of their education (however that may be). But college seniors, like myself, are about embark on a whole new experience- adulthood.

Living, breathing adulthood. How scary and exciting, especially in the current climate. Now, rather than worrying about assignments, or rehearsals, or class meetings, we are faced with worrying about finding jobs, finding places to live (if that is your plan), and paying off our loans sooner than later. Yikes.

But one of the biggest adjustment’s college seniors are about to face may be the lack of routine in their daily lives- until jobs are secured anyway. We are so used to waking up at a certain time to make it to our classes on time, then having a structured class schedule, and (for us performing arts majors) having a structured rehearsal schedule at night too. All this structure is about to fly out the window. For many of us right now, everyday life is a lot like summer vacation; What day is it? What time is it? Do I have anything I need to do today?

Establishing a routine of your own can be essential in making the adjustment from collegiate life to “adult life” (whatever “adult life” even is, really) a bit smoother! This doesn’t have to be a routine that you strictly follow every single day. I mean, give yourself a little break- especially if having such a rigid routine isn’t helpful for you. Creating that routine for yourself may just be helpful in making yourself feel like each day has a purpose and like you have a reason to get up in the morning (because there are SO many reasons to wake up every morning!).

Here are a few helpful hints to get your routine started!

  • Start planning your week out before it gets underway- Something I’ve started doing during this time is planning out my week before it starts. I have a document on OneNote and I just change the dates every new week. In the body of the document I have a section for each day of the week, and I use this to fill in the things I know I have/want to do. I take stock of the fitness/dance classes I know are scheduled for certain days/ times, as well as virtual seminars or classes I plan to take!
  • Establish a start time and an end time- Choose a wake-up time that works for you! As most of us know, since we have had a start time and end time set for us since we started going to school, having a start time gives us that reason to get going and an end time gives us something to work toward! Getting up at the same time most days will certainly set somewhat of a routine. I am trying hard to make sure I am up around 9 every day, so I don’t feel like I’m rushing to cram in what I want to do in a given day! Pick an end time that feels appropriate in your own workday- do NOT let yourself grind away into the wee hours of the night!
  • Establish the order in which you want to accomplish your daily goals- Okay honestly, my daily goals are not huge, exciting goals. The tasks or things I am aiming to complete right now are not nearly as time consuming as attending school or working a 9-5 job. Here are the things I want generally to accomplish: exercise, work on writing/blog, look for jobs/auditions online, practice my craft/find new material. Each day, based on many factors, I decide the order in which I want to accomplish these things. Do what is best for you! Typically, I like to get my workout in first thing so I can focus the rest of my day on my other tasks!
  • Give yourself a general time frame to complete your tasks- Take those daily goals and tasks you set for yourself and decide how much time you can or want to devote to each thing. This can help ensure that you have the time set aside AND will remind you not to spend excessive amounts of time on one thing. Each task doesn’t have to have the same time frame on it and it probably won’t! If you take some extra time on one task and have less time to devote to another, it is totally ok! Give yourself some wiggle room!
  • Take a break!- Allow yourself time to breathe in your routine! Part of the beauty of post-grad life is that there is no rushed schedule! You no longer have to go from one class right into another, change your outfit for a movement class and shovel in your lunch before you have to walk half of campus to get to your next building (ah, college). Make sure you carve out time throughout your day for necessities- food, naps, a little stretch.
  • Factor in time for your passions- It is wonderful if you loved going to school, or if you love your job. Truly, that is amazing! But I bet you have some other things that are just “yours” that you would also like to do in your day along with the work you must complete- things like reading, taking a bath, doing your nails, drawing. The possibilities are endless, and your day can most definitely include the WANTS as well as the NEEDS. In fact, it should! Maintain that sanity!

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful in your navigation of post-grad life in this crazy interim! I’d love to hear what else you are doing to make the transition out of school as seamless as can be. Feel free to share this post and share your thoughts with me! Stay well, my beautiful friends. We will make it through! xoxo

~ Ang

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